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Warthers Early Years of Wood Carving

Ernest, Mooney, Warther found his first knife and began carving wood at the age of 5. From the age of 14 to 38 he worked in the local steel mill, with wood carving as a hobby. Warther only used hand tools to complete his carvings. He had a second grade education and was a self-taught wood carver. The Warther wood carving musuem is the home to over 64 model trains all carved to exacting detail. In addition there are numerous smaller wood carvings including, walking canes, plaques, and "whittlings" on display at the wood carving museum.

Carving the History of Steam

Mooney Warther loved the steam engine and at the age of 28 he began carving the history of the steam engine. At first he carved using walnut wood and bone for his carvings, later he carved in walnut, ebony, ivory, and pearl.

Ivory Carvings

At the age of 68, Mooney Warther completed his goal of carving the history of the steam engine. So, at the age of 72 he began carving major events in steam history. With these carvings, he used ivory exclusively. The Empire State Express, measuring 8' long, is the largest working ivory carving in the world.

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